Activities 2023

We are currently busy making a schedule for our workshops/masterclasses. Stay tune.

At the moment we already contracted Bridget Bailey and Denise Innes-Spencer (founder of The Britisch School of Millinery and British Millinery Association), Loes de Wolff and Joke Velema.



March 2023

Masterclass with Bridget Bailey - 2 days Filigree

Saturday 25 and Sunday  26 March 2023


Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best.

What can you expect during this class:  Learn Bridget Bailey’s filigree technique for making straw lace and creating filigree patterns. The emphasis of this class in on learning and understanding techniques rather that making a finished piece but you will get tuition on how to construct and finish pieces and come away with lots of ideas for ways to use this unique beautiful and original technique.


Costs of the masterclass Euro 495.00 including VAT for 2 days. This is inclusive lunch, coffee and tea. The price of the masterclass is exclusive cost of materials. The price of the materials will be around Euro 65,-.  Payment in installments is possible,  please contact us.


You can register now - closing date January 25 - 2023.


If you want to know more, send an email to 


Activities 2022

We are currently busy making a schedule for our workshops/masterclasses. Stay tune.

At the moment we already contracted Bridget Bailey and Denise Innes-Spencer (founder of The Britisch School of Millinery and British Millinery Association), Irene van Vugt, Loes de Wolf and Joke Velema.

Activities 2021

Due to Covid we did not schedule any workshops/masterclasses. We will as soon life is 'normal' again offer you, probably 2022, a couple of wonderful inspiring workshops/masterclasses.

Activities 2019

In 2019 we scheduled a couple of wonderful inspiring workshops/masterclasses.

For more information see below or our Facebook page events or send an email to for the full descriptions.



  • 16 February 2019 - Workshop Introduction Fosshape - with Joke Velema
  • 23 and 24 March 2019 - Workshop special sinamay techniques - with Bridget Bailey
  • 13 and 14 April 2019 - Workshop Feather flowers - with Carole Maher
  • 15 April 2019 - Workshop Advanced Thermoplastics and new Millinery Materials - with Carole Maher
  • 18 May 2019 - Workshop Abaca Silk - with Joke Velema
  • 6 and 7 July 2019 - Workshop Buntal mats and freeform -  with Louise Macdonald.
  • 5 and 6 October 2019 - Workshop Organdy - with Joke Velema


February 2019

Workshop Introducton Fosshape - by Joke Velema

Saturday  16 February 2019



Pierre & Pierre Millinery Supplies is distribitor of Fosshape.

Fosshape is a  beautiful material which is still little known to many hat makers.  Because of that we organize a introduction workshop Fosshape.


The techniques in this workshop will include blocking with the material and making your own hatblock.

Costs: Euro 135.00 including VAT and 1 meter Fosshape 300 and other materials used during the workshop, coffee and tea.


Would you like to have more information  send an email or look under events on Facebook.


March 2019

Workshop Bridget Bailey - 2 days special sinamay techniques

Saturday 23 and Sunday  24 March 2019



Bridget Bailey is coming again to the Netherlands for us to share her techniques. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity.


What can you expect during this workshop: Bridget will teach you techniques to give the familiar material sinamay a new life, including dying and making beautiful delicate feathers and perfect points. Even if you have already had a workshop with Bridget, it is still good idea to attend this workshop. You can always improve yourself and learn new things. After this lesson you can use the techniques  immediately in your creations.

The workshop is more about learning, practicing and understanding techniques than completing a hat/fascinator.


Costs of the workshop Euro 395.00 including VAT for 2 days. This is including basic material used during the workshop, lunch, coffee and tea.


If you want to know more, send an email to  or view events on Facebook under events.


APRIL 2019

Workshop Carol Maher - Feather flowers - 2 days

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2019


What can you expect during the feather  flowers workshop: Carol teaches us how to cut, dye/color, manipulate, curl and assemble feathers. This will get you started making beautiful feather flowers. There will also be time to make a feather hat.
For every  occasion there is a beautiful feather flower. The feather flowers are also very suitable for brides and as decoration on a hat or fascinator.
If you would like to receive the entire workshop description, please send us an email at or go to  events on our Facebook page.
The costs for the workshop are Euro 395.00 including VAT for the 2 days, but excluding Euro 50.00 for the feathers (also for home use) but including lunch, coffee and tea.


Workshop Carol Maher - Advanced Thermoplastics and New Millinery Materials - 1 day

Monday 15 April 2019


Advanced thermoplastics = 4 hours


This workshop is designed to take you to the next level and help you create fantastic hats and headpieces with the quality and professional finish your clients demand. You will create the smoothest, lightest and most durable and quickest leather blocked hat ever, using Fosshape, leather and some other thermoplastics.

If you have already done the beginners thermoplastics workshop then this is the workshop for you!


Carole will teach you the advanced techniques and as well as blocking leather you will spend time creating new trim.


New Millinery Materials = 4 hours


Carole will also go through all the exciting new millinery materials on the market, such as Paper hoods and flat cloth, silk backed poly, Cork fabric, Poly woven fabric etc.

These materials are very interesting and a challenge to use unless you know the skill sets for each. We will explore their benefits and play with these materials to create a hat or headpiece. You will be ready and ahead of the game by using these new materials for the next spring season.


Costs for this day  Euro 225.00 including VAT and  lunch, coffee and tea.

Exclusive the materials supplied by Carole. All the new materials needed for the 1 day workshop and the cost to the student will be 35,00 Euro (excl. VAT 21%) which will include a Toyo capeline hood and samples of other new materials and ½ meter Fosshape.


MAY 2019

Workshop Joke Velema - Abaca Silk techniques - 1 day

Saturday 18 May 2019


In this workshop we are going to work with the beautiful Abaca Silk. Abaca Silk is a blend of silk and abaca fibers. This beautiful fabric is ideal for hats and decorations. The unique shine and vibrant colors comes from the blend of fine silk  with the abaca fiber.

Abaca fibers are three times stronger than cotton or silk and have an extremely long lifespan. Silk Abaca is fine and smooth. It can be freely formed, blocked or used to drape.


What are we going to do in this workshop: cover basic button block, finishing Abaca Silk, making bows - various shapes ,  ruffles/swirls. If we have still some time left a headband or  flowers.

The entire description of this workshop is on Facebook but we are happy to send it to you. Email


Costs for this day  Euro 250.00 including VAT and including 1 meter Abaca Silk, basic materials lunch, coffee and tea.


JULY 2019

Workshop Buntal mat manipulation - freeform - 2 days with Louise Macdonald

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July 2019

Louise is going to teach us several things this year.  Day 1 we will make a hat of a buntal mat without a hat mold. In this workshop you will learn some  special techniques that enable you to make a hat without molds. Through these skills you will be able to create your own unique forms.

You can choose from one of the two forms - Dior Brim or Shallow Boater. Day 2 we go freeforming again to make brims and again create a hat of buntal mats. Louise will ensure that everyone goes home with a beautiful creation. And a suitcase filled with new techniques.


Do you want the whole workshop description send us an email or check our Facebook page events.


The costs for the workshop  Euro 395.00 including VAT, lunch, coffee, tea and basic materials. Exclusive Euro 75.00 (3 buntal mats).


Workshop vintage techniques by Marie O'Regan - Organdie - 2 days with Joke Velema

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019


What is organdy. Organdy is a cotton material that has been woven in a certain way. This gives it a natural strength. With this relatively inexpensive material you can make beautiful creations and decorations. It is also easy to dye. In this workshop you learn, among other things, rolling of organdy, application with the rolled material, making flowers, leaves, creating a balanced fascinator, etc. Marie O'regan taught me this technique and is extremely happy I pass it on.


The costs for the workshop amount to Euro 395.00 including VAT, lunch, coffee, tea and basic materials.

You can buy organdy for starting immediately at home.

The course will be held in Dutch when there are only participants from The Netherlands attending. If we have an international mix of participants - which we encourage! - the class will be taught in English.

You will get much more out of the class if you have good conversational skills in English; please consider when registering.

For full description of the workshop email